What I got for my Birthday/Christmas?

Happy New Year girls! Hope you all had amazing Christmas and New Year! Tho this type of blog posts can be controversial I decided to share my birthday/Christmas gifts with you. I myself enjoy reading these posts and don’t find them as showing off any way. More like a good way to get inspiration for next year.

This year I was surprisingly lucky and I have to admit that it mostly came down to my wish list that I created as a cheat sheet. Though I knew what I might expect I was still blown away and gladly surprised. Only one birthday present from my bf hasn’t been delivered yet, but it should be here in a few days notice. I’ll show it to you later 😉

  • 52 Lists for Happiness by Moorea Seal – I’m so happy to receive this. I’ve seen these kind of books around but never settled for one. Now having one I’m eager to start filling it and taking time to myself to focus more on my happiness.
  • Stenders Apple Blossom Shower Gel 
  • Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl mascara – my sister noticed my call for help 😀 In Snapchat I already complained how one L’Oreal mascara caused an allergy attack on my eyelids and I was desperate for a new one. Glad to try out a drugstore mascara, til this day I’m quite happy with it.

  • Stenders Apple Blossom Hand Cream – this hand cream travelled into my handbag and has been keeping my hands soft ever since. Didn’t know that Stenders is a Latvian brand 🙂
  • Estée Lauder Opening Ceremony kit – received this one from my bf’s mum and I must say that this kit comes in really good sizing. Definitely a great gift to gift someone who hasn’t got any sure skincare routine! As Estée Lauder’s skincare is quite pricey I’ve been tempting to buy these kind sets more as there’s quite some product to use up. And I love the makeup bag that this one comes in! Been using it as my gym essential bag ever since. 😉
  • Partner Gift Card – my dear sister decided to make my life difficult for me and gift me a gift card, still haven’t made up my mind on what shall I buy with it 😀 😀 Thanks a lot sis!

  • Diva Professional Styling Feel The Heat Magnetic Multi-Wand Curling Wand – Estonian links: 1, 2 UK link: 1 – this set came as a big surprise!  Few years ago I received a hair straightener, as I wanted something to curl my hair with – I have dead straight hair so actually I don’t need any straightener – and this year my parents decided to get me a whole set of different curling wands. We did have a good laugh while unpacking the wands 😀 The set is everything I would ever need and I like how travel friendly it is. Plus it has a heat proof mitten!

  • Zara Golden Metallic hangers – I guess I’m the only one that wishes for hangers? 😀 Yup, I’m obsessed with Zara Home’s Golden Metallic hangers and finally I have all my clothes hanged up with these beauties. Seeing the order what I now have in my wardrobe has really made me look after my clothes much better. Gone are the days where I had clothe piles around my bedroom.
  • Gaia Cosmetics Rosehip Oil – I’ve raved on Pai Skincare’s Rosehip oil for ages – 4 years now? This year I found this gem under the tree. It seems to be an Estonian brand. (?) The oil itself is nice and moisturizing, I’ll report back how it compares to Pai’s one.
  • Zara Home gift card – How darn cute is this box? Really, on the first look I didn’t even know that it’s their gift card packaging. Again, my sister managed to surprise me and also make my life a tad bit difficult by making me choose the items myself.




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