When to throw out your Beauty Blender?

Beauty blenders are probably one of the most iconic beauty inventions of our time. I know I sound dramatic, but I can’t be the only one who absolutely needs their little pink egg to get well-blended foundation.

I try to give my skin the best care possible and knowing when to replace my beauty products is a huge part of that. If you’re wondering when you should replace your Beauty Blender, then here are a few tips I’ve learned from years of owning these adorable little tools.


If your Beauty Blender has rips or is starting to flake and peel, it’s definitely time for a switch. Once it loses it’s shape it’s not quite as useful and trust me, a tiny rip always becomes a bigger one on the night of a special event.



I know my skin pretty well and can usually target the reason for a breakout. If I’ve been eating right, drinking enough water, and staying on top of my skin care and I’m still breaking out, I know my Beauty Blender is the culprit.



Every two months I buy a new Beauty Blender, but keep in mind I wear makeup several days a week. If you use your Beauty Blender less you can possibly get by replacing it every three months. I wouldn’t recommend waiting any longer than that.


Hope you guys found this useful! Leave your other beauty questions in the comments below 🙂




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