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Blogger mail posts are one of my favourites, for me it’s really interesting to snoop on what new is on the market and what people get sent. So it was inevitable that when ever I get sent anything I’d do one myself. Plus currently I can’t tame my excitement that I even got anything at the first place 🙂

The package was put together by the lovely people at Polhem PR Estonia, who I’m super grateful for. Didn’t expect anything like this, the goodie bag was full of products that I adore and use daily. Funny thing is that in my mind I was planning already different blog posts on all of these items that I got sent. Glad that I can incorporate them to my upcoming posts.

I got three Tangle Teezer’s brushes – the Compact Styler in Kaleidoscope, the Original in Blueberry Pop, and a Compact Styler in Skinny Dip Palm print.

I switched to Tangle Teezer years ago and never regretted my decision. Still remember the days when my hairbrush would tangle up on my hair or just disassemble itself while using it. Haven’t experienced anything like this with Tangle Teezer brushes. Hands down recommend them!

Continuing on the hair care topic, I got sent three packages of Invisibobble hair ties. Two of them are from this summers Circus collection and I must add that they come in the most cutest package ever! Love the illustrations and the messages on them. Super adorable!

If you’re still sceptical on Invisibobble, then don’t be. Belive me, I was one of them. Wasn’t so much worried about it tangling up on my hair, more on the fact that after using it for a while it would lose it shape and stretch out. What use would it be for me then? But none of my worries came true. It holds the hair perfectly in place, doesn’t leave marks in your hair and the hair tie restores its shape. I’ve used mine almost two years and I have no clue where my other hair ties have disappeared. And I can’t be bothered to search.

Who doesn’t love new, fresh Beautyblenders? Especially when your current one is slowly dying on you. Spotted them right away when I got my hands on the goodie bag. I was on a hunt for the newest shade, Beautyblender Bubble, which was released this year in honor of their 15th anniversary. Excitement levels were high when I found it peeking out from the bag. They also added the famous Beautyblender original with the bling ring. If you’re interested what my full thoughts are on Beautyblender then head over here.

Should I do this kind of a blogger mail post in the future as well? I know for some these posts seem like a show off. But I think of it as me being a transparent blogger – I get things sent to me thanks to you, so why not share it? Plus I’m not going to leave all of the items to myself, seriously don’t need 5 Tangle Teezers in my life. Sharing is caring, which is why you should keep your eyes peeled for future giveaways!

For all of my Estonian readers – you can find all of these items from Kaubamaja, Tradehouse and Stockmann.



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