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I’ve never been a fan of a dry shampoo. I like the idea of it, having clean hair on the 3rd day, but having crispy hair and dealing with the chalky white residue isn’t for me. For years I’ve tried to love Batiste dry shampoos. I can deal with the white residue as I have blonde hair, but the way it leaves my hair – heavy and crunchy, brrr… it just isn’t for me. I remember vividly how every time I used Batiste Volumizing dry shampoo I ended up washing my hair or tying it up to a tight pony tail. I understand that it has to add texture to be a volumizing dry shampoo, but it was way too much. Can’t imagine who likes to have dry, crispy and heavy hair.

The first time I tried COLAB dry shampoo was last autumn. I was in the middle of moving and I needed something to hide the fact that I haven’t showered for ages. And you know what? I used it on my second day hair and some crazy way I managed to go 4 days with my hair loose. It has never happened before! And I wear my hair down only when it’s super clean – I tend to put it up already on the second day as I’m terrified of greasy front bits. Anyways, my mind was blown.


What also amazed me was how my hair felt after using the dry shampoo. It wasn’t chalky, crispy nor crunchy. And my hair didn’t feel heavy neither. Unlike other dry shampoos my hair felt clean, silky and light, like I’d just washed it.

What was different was also the fact that if I used it on my second day hair, I didn’t need to re-apply it on the third day. Maybe on the 4th day? I remember that with Batiste dry shampoo I re-applied it frequently and it made my hair feel even more repulsive. With COLAB dry shampoo it’s a whole other story. It’s a bless to use!

I personally prefer the Sheer Invisible formula to Extra Volume one. Again, I just don’t like the crunchy “texture” feeling in my hair. But I do have to say that it’s not as awful as the Batiste one. It is manageable. What I recently discovered was that my boyfriend has been secretly using my Sheer Invisible dry shampoos. When I caught him in action he  complained that for him it wasn’t enough so I offered him the Extra Volume one instead. And boy did he like it. I guess for him it suited better as it makes the hair clean and gives some umpf. For me it was a win-win situation. My beloved Sheer Invisible formula dry shampoo stays untouched and he uses the Extra Volume one that I didn’t quite like.


In Estonia it’s sold in 3 different scents – London, Paris and New York, and in both formulas – Sheer Invisible and Extra Volume. London is a really sexy sent. It has a deep musky bergamot scent with the lightness of magnolia. Paris has a floral scent but it’s not overpowering in any way. The main notes are rose and jasmine. New York is a really fresh scent, scented with melon and apple. Both Sheer Invisible and Extra Volume formulas don’t have residue and leave everything feeling clean and refreshed.

For me COLAB dry shampoo in Sheer Invisible formula is a game changer. It’s lightweight, absorbs quickly, soaks up excess oil with ease, smells beautiful and besides all that it’s also invisible! It’s definitely a product that I’ll forever repurchase 🙂

Have you tried out COLAB dry shampoos or are you thinking about trying them? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments as I’d love to read them!

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  1. Adryana says:

    See oleks justkui tellitud postitus, sest ma olen mõelnud oma shampooni välja vahetamisele. Ma kasutan Batiste Extra Volume shampooni. Asi on vist koguses, sest ma pole märganud, et see teeks mu juuksed jäigaks/kangeks (crispy). Ainus, mis häirib ongi see valge kuma, mis kasutamisel juustele jääb. Kus neid Colab shampoone müügil on?
    Also, great post! 👍😊

    • Madli says:

      Colab kuivshampoonid on Eestis müügil Selverites, I.L.U poodides ja vist ka Kaubamajas?
      Mulle endale Batiste omad ei istunud. Ükstapuha millist proovisin, ikka jäi selline kriipiv taljkas tekstuur juustesse ja see ajas mind hulluks. Colabi läbipaistvate kuivshampoonidega seda pole aga kordagi juhtunud, juuksed jäävad pehmed ja näevad välja nagu just pesust oleks tulnud – ehk siis ilma selle halli kumata 😃

      • Adryana says:

        Tänud! Eks ma viskan pilgu peale kui järgmine kord Selverisse satun 😊

        • Madli says:

          Volüümi andev kuivshampoon samuti pole jätnud mu juukseid hallikaks, kuid ilmselt mulle lihtsalt ei istugi see tekstuur mida volüümi andvad kuivshampoonid juustesse jätavad. Aga ise oskad kindlasti paremini hinnata kui oled kaua Batiste oma kasutanud. Mina eelistan Colabi 😉😊

  2. I’m with you, I have never been a fan of dry shampoo because I feel like they don’t work for me, but I might have to try these out! Great post! xx

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