Kat von D Liquid Lipsticks: The Review

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It’s been a while, again… Seems like I don’t do well with changes in my routine. In the end of October I was working in the IT and Development Centre of Ministry of the Interior a bit and I was quite productive. I could write many blog posts in a day and schedule things etc… Only thing that hold me back a bit was the fact that it was almost impossible to take pictures. I ran home on my lunch break, made some food and if I had spare time I’d take pictures. You’d think that it shouldn’t be so difficult to put up a post if I have the text and pictures.

Well, it doesn’t work always like that. I like to process all my pictures before posting which means extra editing time. Which isn’t something that you’d do at work? 😀 So yeah, I was productive, but didn’t post as often as I’d like. After I finished, I honestly didn’t know how to organize myself so I’d have time for everything. As you might see, it took me 2 weeks to get a grip on my life so I could come here and start posting again. Sorry for being away and sorry for the random ramble. 😀

And this review is long overdue. Remember I posted a Stockholm haul in March? Yeah, long overdue but here it is!


Liquid lipsticks have been the beauty staple for the past two years, especially anything matte. Probably the most known ones are the Anastasia Beverly Hill‘s and Kat von D liquid lipsticks. What draws me towards liquid lipsticks is the fact that they’re super long-lasting and simple to apply. I don’t even know how many times have I said this already, but I prefer lipsticks that are long wearing and stay put. If it’s anything colourful and opaque then it’s a must!

I’ve been using these liquid lipsticks for a half a year now and I must say that Kat Von D has absolutely nailed the formulation of her liquid lipsticks. They have a very creamy consistency and glide on the lips with the utmost ease and comfort. It takes a minute to set to a completely matte finish, which allows for any application adjustments to be made without it getting messy. Once they’re set, they don’t transfer nor move. As with any matte liquid lipstick, they tend to dry out your lips more than regular ones. A possible solution? Apply a thin layer of lip balm to your lips before you apply your liquid lipstick. It might not last as long as it would if you didn’t, but it does make it feel a lot more comfortable! Applying a little balm on your lips afterward may be helpful too – but not too much! 


As far as colours go, there’s one for everyone no matter what their complexion or tastes are! Surprisingly they are super opaque considering how thin the formula is. Makes it really comfortable on the lips. The staying power is impressive, lasting 6 hours before starting to fade, that’s through food and drink. They have a very light sweet scent, nothing overpowering. There is no flaking or cracking, they don’t emphasise lines nor wear off weirdly like some liquid lipsticks tend to do.

I bought myself three shades: Berlin, the famous Lolita and Outlaw.


Berlin: described as a warm rose, is a vibrant pink with a peachy undertone. I don’t know what it is with that colour, somehow I have managed to buy many lipsticks in that exact shade. I recently discovered that NYX Antwerp, that I bought few weeks ago, is really really similar to Berlin. As for the shade, it’s something that I’d wear in the spring-summer time. Really cheerful, but still sophisticated.


Lolita: This is the shade that started it all. It’s a muted, medium-dark rosy plum with very subtle, warmer undertones. Tho it might look dark brown, it’s really easy to pull off. I like to wear it daily, doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter.


Outlaw: a true vivid red shade with neutral undertones. It brightens up your face and is perfect for the upcoming festive season. For me a red shade was a must as I find it the most difficult to wear in a normal lipstick formula. I just don’t want to be bothered with lipstick on my teeth/chin problem. And this one ticks all the boxes! It’s a nice wearable red, stays put and doesn’t smear on your face.

All in all, I love them. They tick the boxes for longevity and the colours are truly beautiful.

Have you tried any of Kat von D liquid lipsticks? Or perhaps you have any other brands that you love? Do let me know down below in the comments!



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  1. Isabella says:

    you look gorgeous in all three colours :-* …and you made me want to get all of them!

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