How to Get Sexy Summer Legs

It’s that time of year again, short-shorts, minis, and rompers are back in rotation. If you’ve been slacking on your skincare, here’s a cheat sheet to getting sexy smooth legs for summer.

Step 1: Exfoliate

Exfoliating is just as important for your body as it is for your face. I like to use The Body Shop’s exfoliating gloves, but if you don’t have a pair you can make a quick body scrub yourself. It’s pretty easy! All you need is sugar and your favorite body oil. Mix them together in a jar or mug, take it with you into the shower, and get scrubbing!

Step 2: Shave

Now that you’re removed all that dead skin, shaving will be easier and more effective. Using a quality razor is the best way to prevent bumps. A few shaving tips to remember— replace your blade after 10 shaves or so, shave downward first then upward to help prevent razor bumps, and never ever dry shave. Always shave in the tub or shower.

Step 3: Body Oil

If you’re like me and prefer a really shiny look on your legs, follow-up with a body oil. I usually go with coconut oil. It’s a miracle product!

Step 4: Lotion

You’re probably thinking oil and lotion? I know it sounds like overkill but trust me, your legs will love it. Apply a light layer of lotion, or your favourite body butter, and you’re done. I personally prefer The Body Shop’s body butters as I have quite dry skin.

By taking care of your legs, moisturizing, and shaving with a quality razor, you’ll really see an improvement in your skin. Now get out there and strut this summer!




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