Skincare haul #1



Before travelling to Strasbourg I made myself a very strickt skincare shopping list. Just to be sure that I’d buy everything that I need and nothing more.

We don’t have La Roche Posay here in Estonia and it is impossible to ship Serozinc here. As I’ve heard so much good stuff about it,I bought two bottles of it for a trial. Just in case if I fell deeply in love and have to wait for half a year to get my hands on for more.

I’ve been eyeing Caudalié Beauty Elixir for over two years. Never had the guts to buy it as it seemed to be to expensive for a facial mist. You’ll hear my thoughts about it soon.

Glamglow has won my heart over with its Youthmud mask. Definitely a reason to try more products from their range. Glamglow products are available in Estonia but they are quite pricey compared to France prices. Saved myself around 30€ in total. Yay, for a bargain!

And last but not least Bioderma micellar water, well-known product which is avalable in Estonia as well, but with a hefty price tag. I got this 500ml bottle for 10€, while in Estonia I can get the 250ml for around 18€?!? There was an offer for 2x500ml for 18€, but I skipped it as I don’t use it as much as I used to.

You’ll hear my thoughts about these products soon! I’m thinking about doing a skincare week kinda thing? Where I talk about my everyday skincare, most loved facial masks, etc. Let me know what you think of it! And if you have used these products mentioned above let me know how did you get on with them?


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