Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel: The Review




Bronzer is an everyday staple for me. It’s just that something extra that makes me feel put together. But finding the perfect bronzer for my fair skin hasn’t been so easy. Recently I understood that most of my bronzers have a slight red undertone, which isn’t flattering. Dissapointed in my bronzer collection I decided to hunt for a new one. For a while I deliberated between the Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Sahariennes bronzer and the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base. Both being beautiful cult bronzers, but somehow I was torned towards the Chanel.

Only thing that was between me and the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzer was the reality, that it isn’t available here in Estonia. Couldn’t even find it in Copenhagen. I was so frustrated… Hereby I want to thank my boyfriend who took it upon himself to find it for me. I am still amazed that he managed to get it so quickly. He’s definetly a keeper <3

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base is well-loved by beauty editors, bloggers, and vloggers. It’s a universal cream bronzer, meaning there is no colour option that is either too pale or too dark.  It states that it works on all skin tones across the board. Let’s be real, bronzers can be hard to find, so that’s a quite a statement by Chanel that it suits for everyone.




The shade

It is a medium, golden brown with warm, yellow undertone and has barely-there golden specs. It’s a lighter bronzer, which makes it more suitable for fair to light-medium complexions. But I’ve seen people with medium and deeper skin tones using it as well. It won’t even in the slightest look muddy, even on the very pale skin. It just makes you look subtly bronzed without that fake tan effect. On me the shade is perfect. It doesn’t look reddish, nor too orange. It acts like a bronzer-contour combo, giving me that healthy tan look, while enhancing my cheekbones. If realistic color is your aim, this is the product to help get you there.




The texture

Soleil Tan de Chanel is described as cream-gel, but for me it seems more like a whipped mousse consistency. It’s really soft and smooth, glides on to the skin effortlessly, with either fingers or a brush. It blends a lot like a cream product, yet it has a weightless cream consistency. Because of that it has a bit of sheen, which gives your face a healthy and glowy look—not dusty.


Application is totally mess-free and pretty much foolproof. The cream is build-able and can be sheered out for subtle definition and just a hint of colour, or layered for some seriously strong contouring. No matter how much you apply and layer, it doesn’t cake or split. If I fancy going all-out, I use the Soleil Tan de Chanel first,  and then apply a powder bronzer over the top. Personally I prefer to apply it with either a duo-fibre or a stippling brush for a lighter finish, like the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Avoid using a brush which sheds easily, though, as the hairs can easily get stuck in the gel if applying directly from the tub.



The finish

Because the effect is so subtle, this is great for fair skins. It looks scarily orange at first, but it blends away very nicely. Once on the skin it is absolutely matte – there’s no dewy finish. In fact, there’s no ‘finish’ at all, it just disappears into the skin as though you’ve just dusted on a fine layer of extremely pale bronzing powder. Layer it up and there’s still no sign of a slick or creamy finish – the bronzer just becomes part of the base. Skin is left looking and feeling velvety-soft, with an almost airbrushed finish.




I must add that this bronzer it is the most natural contour I have ever been able to gain out of any bronzers I have used to do so. It doesn’t end up looking fake as a powder formula can sometimes translate to. Instant definition without the drastic signs. I can’t recommend this bronzer enough. It gives much more of a natural result, compared to a powder product, and doesn’t give the game away in the unforgiving sunshine. It’s like summer whipped up and put in a pot!




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  1. Kes says:

    What bronzer do you layer on top of the chanel bronzer???

    • Madli says:

      Hi! Usually I don’t layer any bronzer on top of it. It’s buildable and doesn’t cake up with extra layers, which in my eyes makes it a wonderful multi-tasking bronzer. If you really want to layer it with powder bronzer I’d recommend going with something that has a bit of shimmer in it, otherwise it would look to matte 😉

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