The Doha Haul

On our flight to Bali we had a layover in Doha, Qatar for over 6 hours. We took the time to explore Doha and also visit the Gulf Mall. Started off at the local market Souq Waqif where we headed for dinner. The meal we had was unreal, super delicious and the restaurant’s atmosphere was great – a friendly vibe all around. Couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the restaurant we visited, but I’m sure that it’s not the only place there that offers amazing middle-eastern food. Qatar is definitely in our future travel list, one day is never enough. After a delightful meal and wandering around we drove to Gulf Mall, main reason being – Sephora. 😀 They had Becca and Fenty Beauty in stock, so it was a must trip for me.

Stocked up on my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde, as my current one is in a rough state. For a while I managed to rely on my L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper but in reality I missed using the Dipbrow as it’s just magic to the brows. It’s easy to use and the difference is so obvious. Plus it’s the only shade for blondes that doesn’t have warm undertone, which makes it really stand out from other brow products. Ah, I almost forgot how good a new pomade feels and how easy it is to use.

Fenty Beauty was one of the main reasons why I suggested to go to the Gulf Mall. I had to pick something up from their line. Unfortunately most of the items were sold out, but I managed to pick up their Soft Matte Longwear foundation in the shade 100, which is the lightest one they do. Had to convince the lady there that it’s my actual winter shade as I was wearing tons of fake tan on that day, showed her my usual Marc Jacobs foundation for proof 😀 Never thought I’d need to do that. Haven’t used it jet, as I still have some tan left, but it seems very promising. I’m always seeking for a foundation that matches my winter complexion.

Becca has been on my mind for years but I’ve never managed to make up my mind on which highlighter to choose from their collection. After years of using my Hourglass Ambient Lightening palette I understood that the most natural shade of a highlight for me is more of a icy-cooled toned one. So I gladly went with a Pearl. It’s a very white highlight, making it perfect if you have a pale skin like me. Pearl has really made me fall in love with highlighters again. Sometimes I manage to forget myself and end up looking like a disco ball, but really can’t be bothered as it’s so gorgeous. The good thing is that it’s very versatile – you can go all out with it, or make it look very natural. Now I’m itching after their newest shade – Vanilla Quartz, a white infused with soft pink-gold pearl highlighter.

Next up I purchased this years must-have concealer – Nars Soft Matte Complete concealer in the shade Chantilly. It was on my wish list for quite a while and I am so pleased with it. Pot concealers are making a come back and if they all are as good as Nars one, then I’m super pleased. Super creamy, doesn’t crease into the fine lines and the coverage is fabulous. You can blend it out with a Beautyblender to make it look super natural, or apply with a finger and blend out with a brush for a full coverage look. And the most important thing – it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin!

And for the last makeup bit I picked up MAC’s Nice’n’Spicy lipliner. I thought on purchasing MAC’s Stripdown lipliner for some time, but it has been out of stock in Estonia. When I finally saw it in real life it seemed so dark. Quite shocking as so many youtubers wear it instead of a lipstick and it never seemed so dark on them. Decided to go with something similar, but a bit more pinky – Nice’n’Spicy. It doesn’t come off on the lips as dark as it swatches, but it’s definitely darker than my natural lip shade. Think I am in need of more lipliners now. Do you have any recommendations?

The last shop we visited was Bath&Body Works. I was there purely for their candles and the selection there was amazing. It was so hard to choose the right one. Ended up with my usual scent – Vanilla Bean. You know, whenever you can’t decide – pick the one that you know you’d like. Currently holding myself back with burning it as we are in the market for our first real home and I think it would be amazing to use it when we finally have our own home. Can’t wait!


How has your December been? Are you ready for Christmas celebrations?




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