Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara: The Review

Having great lashes is important for me. In my mind eyes and lashes are my best feature. As my natural lashes are blonde, I need mascara to make them pop, which is why I’m constantly hunting down the best mascaras I can find and trying them out.

I heard so much hyper around this mascara, better than sex they say…  🙂 When I finally picked it up in Stockholm, I was so happy.  I was sure that this mascara is my new holy grail and I’ll love it til death.


The packaging is beautiful! Nice pale pink metal case with a big hourglass-shaped brush. I like how it is heavy on the hand, feels luxorious and well made. Too Faced says that it will give you 1,944% more volume, base to tip curl, longer lashes and a dramatic look with only one coat. It nourishes, thickens and locks the curl in place. Smudge-proof and lasts for the whole day. – That’s a lot said about one mascara.



Can you spot the fall out?

The first time I tried it, well, let me give you the scene: I curled my lashes with my Shuemura eyelash curlers as usual, and started applying the mascara. While coating my lashes I saw how my lashes gradually straightened back to their natural state. I tried to coat them with more mascara and push my lashes up that they’d maintain the curl, but no success. I ended up with thick, droopy lashes.

I was devastated. For years I haven’t come across any mascara that would uncurl my lashes on the spot like this. Yeah, I’m aware that some mascaras loose the curl over time, but nothing like this.

I was furious, I wanted to send the mascara back to Too Faced and tell them what I thought about their “Better Than Sex” mascara. I was so upset that I went and bought myself Dior Iconic Overcurl mascara the same day.


Then I tried it out again, thinking that maybe I had too much product on the brush. That maybe it was my fault after all? Second attempt: there was no curl, again, but my lashes weren’t so thick and “dramatic”. But what I did discover is that there was a lot of fallout. Fallout which usually happens when your mascara is dried out or old. And my brush did have a good amount of mascara on it. So why this?

At the end of the day my bottom lashes didn’t have any mascara on them, it had smudged under my eyes, and the tips of my top lashes were bare. What a disappointment.


It has been a month now. I have tried to love this mascara, I really have. Tried different techniques, but it just doesn’t work for me. The packaging is lovely, but the product inside it is ****. I’ve managed to maintain a curl while using it, coating my lashes gradually with thin layers of mascara. But that’s too much of an effort. Nobody should spend so much time for mascara.

Too Faced came out with the waterproof version of it, in a green package, but I’ll skip that one. I’m not really up for messing around with my mascara any time soon. I feel kinda sad that I didn’t like it, I really did want to. Don’t understand how I ended up with such a mess, while bunch of other beauty bloggers love this mascara to death.

I personally can’t recommend this mascara to anybody. Sorry Too Faced :/ but for that price tag it isn’t wort it.


What mascara do you use? Do you have any must have favorites?


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