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The most difficult question people ask me is, “What is your favorite makeup brand?” I like to collect makeup from many different makeup brands — drugstore to high-end — and see what suits me the most. So it’s hard to choose my favorite because I love so many.

Today I thought I would share with you a few naughty purchases I made not long ago from Kaubamaja. YSL has been on my list for quite a while, what had held me back was my uncertainty if their products are as good as rumored.

First thing I picked up was Rouge Volupté Shine in the shade #47. I was actually after the shade #44, but when I compared these two I saw that there’s almost not much of a difference – #47 is just a dab bit darker. I naturally already have pigmented lips, so I decided to go with this one as I wasn’t sure if the other shade would even show on my lips.

To my surprise it gives out quite a lot of pigment for such a moisturizing lipstick and it has been my go-to lipstick ever since. What makes it even more special is that it has my name engraved on it. In the end of last year there were two YSL events at Kaubamaja where you could get your lipsticks engraved by them. Obviously on both of these times you could find me the line, having a heart-eyed emoji face.

I also decided to try out the famous Touche Éclat Le Teint foundation. A while ago I went to the YSL counter and got a little makeover by their makeup artist and she used this foundation on me. Back then I was super pleased with the shade match, which is the reason why I picked up the shade BR20. But now I’m not that sure on the shade match as much. It does match my skin when I layer it on lightly, but you know – on some days you need that extra coverage and then I end up like an orange jelly bean. I’m not mad at the foundation as so far I’ve found only one foundation that suits perfectly to my winter complexion and that looks like a white paint. Overall I’m pleased with it as it stays on well throughout my work days and looks natural.

And lets save the best for the last. – For Christmas I was searching for a red lip combo that would be more out-of-the box. At least for me. And I discovered myself wondering to the YSL counter again Hope I don’t make it into a habit! Fell in love with the lacquer look on  the Rouge Pur Couture Lip Lacquer Glossy Stain gives. It occurred that on that day it was also possible to get the lipstick engraved, obviously and impulse purchase was made. Whoops… But I’m really happy with it, it’s out of my comfort zone – With the bold lip I tend to go with a matte formula, but this one holds up as well as many other matte formulas I’ve ever tried. And belive me, with this one you’ll receive lots of compliments and questions on how does it lasts so well. Wore it on three Christmas parties and it never let me down. Gorgeous red!

I’m already tempted to go on another YSL splurge as these items didn’t let me down in any way and truly lived up to their hype. Still in search for a foundation that would match my winter complextion, but spring is already ahead so no worries on that.

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