Blush pink trainers by Reebok: Club C 85 Golden Neutrals

The bitter-sweet story how I got these Reebok trainers:

A few weeks ago Reebok Estonia held a giveaway on their Instagram account and I eagerly joined in. The prize was the new Reebok Club C Diamond trainers that I spotted earlier in Copenhagen. By some crazy luck I ended up as the winner. Man, I was so stoked. I had been in search for nude coloured trainers for upcoming spring-summer season and when I spotted them in Copenhagen my mind was set. So when I got the message that I’ve won I just couldn’t contain my excitement. How crazy is that you have a certain thing in your mind and you end up winning it? OK, I think you got the point that I was really happy about the giveaway 🙂

Anyways, I messaged back to Reebok Estonia and asked if it’s possible to get these shoes also in nude? The white coloured were fine by me, but as I was already eyeing up the nude ones then why not ask for them? They messaged me back saying that all is set and I’ll be receiving my trainers soon. Excitement was high, until the day I went to pick my shoes up. Oh, what a fail…

Basically the company who manages the Reebok Estonia IG ordered the wrong shade of shoes – the lady didn’t even have a clue that the Diamond ones come in nude. When I opened the box I was surprised and told them that something must be wrong as these aren’t the shoes I ordered. The lady who handed them over was like – no can’t be, these count as nude. I obviously didn’t agree and showed them the real Diamond ones in oatmeal. I didn’t even think for a second while talking to them on Instagram that these people don’t know about the new Reebok Club C Diamond collection.

I showed them the giveaway that they held and told them that the ones that I got aren’t anything like the ones that they advertised.  Damn, I usually am indulgent person who just goes with the flow, but in this case I really stepped out just to get the damn right shoes. They apologized and said that they didn’t have a clue on what type of shoes I was interested in. They just ordered nude shoesand now they can’t change anything anymore, and how I just have to accept the ones that I got.

Man, I was so disappointed, and astonished that someone would mix up blush pink and nude shades. At first I was so sad that my first thought was what to do with the shoes I didn’t want? Seriously, I entered in the giveaway just because I really like those shoes and now I have a pair that I don’t like. So I thought I should sell them right away. Just get rid of them, as I knew when I would try to buy the ones that I liked my boyfriend would ask why the hell I need two pairs of the exact same shoe. It took me over a day to overcome the disappointment. I know, sounds so dramatic but in this case I was really unhappy with the outcome. What cheered me up was the fact that these shoes are the same colour as my new Zara raincoat. And then I cheered myself up with the thought that okay, at least blush pink is IN this year. Besides all of that I knew that when I would complain about this to my mum she’d say that I’m spoiled brat. So I ended up keeping them, though I’m going to buy the ones that I intended to get in the first place.

The moral of the story is that when you win a giveaway and want to change the price, not only ask and describe what you mean, send a freaking photo as well. Just so you wouldn’t end up like me.

I just read the label of the box, it says Golden Neutrals. Gosh, are they colour blind that they call a blush pink shoes neutral? And how does the rose gold detail in the back of the shoe resemble gold, that they’d add it to the name? Had a little giggle here. #nonsense

My thoughts on the shoes:

Overall I’m pleased with the quality of the shoes. I’m more like a Nike person, actually when I think about it then these are my first Reebok shoes. I like the fit, I’m really annoyed if the shoe makes feet look larger, which is why I stay away from Adidas Gazelle types of shoes. So in that category it’s a win-win. The sizing is accurate, I got the size 37.5 and I think I could even go down for a size 37. And I love how soft they feel, literally feels like I’m walking on a cloud. Which makes me extremely happy. Especially as my heels aren’t normal and usually I have to add extra gel padding to the heel so I won’t get any blisters nor cuts while walking long distances. But with these shoes I don’t think I’m going to have any trouble as they feel so damn soft.

They come in a really nice blush pink shade, not nude, and have a rose gold leather detail added to the heel, not gold. The leather is super soft and durable. Only thing that annoys me is that when it gets in contact with water the leather instantly changes its colour. So not the best shoes to wear on a rainy day. At least it doesn’t affect the colour in a long run, just when you are walking through rain your shoes aren’t going to be nice and blush pink.

Have you ever had bad luck with a giveaway prize? What are your thoughts on Reebok Club C trainers? Which ones do you like the best – the Diamond Oatmeal ones or the Golden Neutrals? Let me know down below!



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2 responses to “Blush pink trainers by Reebok: Club C 85 Golden Neutrals”

  1. Piia says:

    Let me know when you decide to let go of them, because my number one this on this spring’s wishlist is a pair of pink sneakers and these are perfection!! They seems to go perfectly with your jeans too and I’d even consider pink an aaaalmost neutral, so I guess you’ll figure it out and forget all about the ~nude~.


    • Madli says:

      Thank you for the comment Piia! I’ve decided to keep them as they are really comfortable, can’t even compare them to my Nike Thea’s. Not giving up on the nudes yet, I’m really into nude shoes&jeans combo currently. That in mind, I guess I have to go on a pink pants mission 🙂


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