My latest obsession: panelled white lace dress

Since I saw this Panelled Self-Portrait White Midi dress I’ve been obsessed with it and in search of an affordable alternative. First I stumbled on this dress on  ASOSI fell in love and was sure that this dress is coming home to me. It doesn’t have the sleeves that Self-Portrait dress has and the collar is different, but in my mind it was a close call. Only thing that was holding me back was the thought that I can’t try it on before buying it. But then this week I stumbled on this dress from H&M. When I spotted it I basically ran towards it and dragged it to the changing room immediately. I liked the reality that I can actually try the dress on before buying it. And guess what, it fitted like a glove.

ASOS Lace Collar Geo Lattice Midi Dress, Self-Portrait panelled midi dress, H&M Short lace dress

Yes, the H&M dress isn’t midi dress, but the panelling and the lace plus the sleeves are so close to the original dress. On the model the dress doesn’t seem as nice as in real life. But I can ensure you that it is a beautiful and well-made dress. I couldn’t leave it to the store as for the price tag 59,99€, it was a bargain!

I do recommend checking the H&M dress out. They currently have other similar dresses in black as well. These two have caught my eye –  Lace dress 1, Lace dress 2. Also ASOS has many similar panelled dresses as well. So if the Self-Portrait dress has stolen your heart like mine, then go ahead and check out the dresses from H&M and ASOS for cheaper alternative 😉

What do you think of these affordable alternatives? Are they close enough?

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