Shoes with Contrasting Toe Cap

First off – sorry for being absent for so long! In June I was interning at IT and Development Center at the Estonian Ministry of Interior and last week was busier than usual. I hoped to get a good rest on the weekend and be back on Monday, but that weekend turned out to be the busiest weekend of the whole summer! Ha ha… So instead of being back on track on Monday, I was recovering from the weekend. As you can see it took me a while to get back on track. So don’t worry, I haven’t lost my motivation nor inspiration :). I’m still here and today I’m hitting you with my latest bough from Zara 😉Screenshot_2016-08-02-13-50-07

When I spotted these Chanel sling backs at Lydia Elise Millen instagram page, I squealed. They are darn beautiful shoes and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. As for me it is unlikely that I’d ever own these shoes I started searching for something more affordable.

And you guessed it right! I found a perfect pair at Zara – yes, again, Zara, I know…

Placed an order in, and here they are. Must admit that I’m loving the fact that we can finally order online on Zara. Now I don’t have to visit both Zara stores in Tallinn in order to hunt down the items I spotted on their website. Much more convenient and less stress.



Zara ones aren’t sling back style, which in my mind makes them more wearable and more weather proof. They are made of faux suede and are quite comfortable. You might spot on my pictures that I have already applied heel shields in my shoes. That’s only because I have f-upped heels and I basically need them in every shoe I own.



They are minimal, with low heel – which means that you can spend your whole day in them –  and go with anything.  I’m really trying to change the look of my wardrobe and to start dressing more smart like. I’ve never been happy with my style nor the clothes I own and I think it’s time for a change. These shoes have this “smart-classic” look that I’m trying to go for. I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of wear out of them. Love them!


What do you think of these shoes? Let me know in the comments 😉 



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  1. Isabella says:

    these shoes are beyond beautiful. and I really enjoyed reading your blog post 🙂

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