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We all know I love Zara, OK? So when this week’s newsletter popped into my inbox I squealed! Stormed to Zara’s webpage and started scrolling it through.
Floral Embroidered  Oversized Sweater – OMG, when I saw this piece on their newsletter I squealed. Such a beautiful sweater, oh…It stole my heart ❤

Oversized Floral Shirt – Zara has had these kind of floral shirts in before, but in my mind this one here is the prettiest of them all. I love the details and that they have also covered the sleeves with floral embroidering.

Faux Fur Collar Biker Jacket – Aviator jackets are gaining popularity lately and even I can’t get my eyes off them. I know they don’t look anything special, but I like to combine basic/girlier items with something muscular. Somehow I feel that empowers me and makes me feel “edgier”? I don’t know how to explain this, but I love them.

Long Floral Embroidered Dress – I was searching for this kind of dress for such a long time! I know Zara had something similar in stock like 2 months ago, but I couldn’t get my hands on it. So instead I bought one similar lace dress for my dad’s 50th birthday. But when I spotted this one in stock.. Oh, I was so disappointed. WHY??!? Couldn’t it be available when I was desperately searching for it? I’m not sure if I can justify myself to buy this one as well? Idk, my mum said that this one doesn’t look anything like the other one, I guess she’s right?

What are your latest favourites? Let me know down below in the comments! 😉



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