Making my own Butterbear bath bomb and Angels On Bare Skin cleanser at Lush


Lush organizes fun workshops few times a year offering people to learn more about their products and the process of making them. It’s a great event, plus you go home with the self-made product which in my mind makes it an event you can’t miss! I had the opportunity to take part of two Lush workshops – we mixed together Angels On Bare Skin face cleanser and made a Butterbear bath bombs. I strongly recommend you to go and participate in one of the workshops if you have the chance! So much fun, a free product in hand and you’ll learn so much more about Lush!


I shamely admit that I’ve only tried bath bombs and lip scrubs from Lush. I don’t even know what’s the reason behind it. So if I heard that there are openings at Angels On Bare Skin facial cleanser workshop I jumped on it! The process of making this cleanser was quick and easy, and reassured that all Lush products are made of natural ingredients. I’ve only used it once and so far I’m pleased.


I’ve heard so much good about Butterbear bath bombs. How on Earth haven’t I bought it before?!? As with the cleanser, it is also made of natural ingredients. My one doesn’t look as picturesque anymore as the cocoa, which is added as a nose for the bear, has smeared all over the bear. But that doesn’t mean that it’s ruined! It’s a special one 😀 Can’t wait for the next bath to use it!

Have you attended Lush workshops? What products do you recommend me to try from them?



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