My Guide To the Perfect Natural Looking Highlighter

Highlighters have changed a lot in recent years. Gone are the days of chunky and glitter-filled formulas and in are the days of finely milled, subtle formulas that give you natural radiance and glow. It’s not often that I find a highlighter that I disagree with because as long as it melts into the skin and is glitter-free then I’m one happy girl.


Summer is the time that I’m most obsessed with everything sparkling and glowing. I want to get that famous “glow-from-inside” in every of my make-up looks. There are several types of products you can use to achieve that healthy fresh look and today I thought I’d introduce you to my highlighter homies. Highlighters have become an everyday staple in make-up routines all over the world, but there are so many to choose from it’s difficult to know what works the best and is right for you. Most of the products that I’m going to cover are powders, as they are the most common and easiest to use. But they differ in textures, levels of sheerness, shimmer and some even have the odd glitter particle in. Don’t worry, I have thrown in one cream  highlighter option for you as well.


My own personal beauty style is very natural and understated at all time, meaning that choosing the right highlighter can either make or break the finished look. So here are my top four highlighters to see you through Summer 2016 with the most natural glow possible.


Incandescent Light from Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette

This is one of my current favourites cool toned natural highlighters. It’s a really stunning shade, highlights and brightens the skin, giving you that glow-from-within effect. Rather than simply reflecting light, the inclusion of a white base colour allows it to highlight areas without that metallic Tin Man effect. It gives you  natural, polished look and it’s very hard to overdo with it. Really fineley-milled and feels like silk on the skin. Sadly it’s limited edition shade only available in the Ambient Lighting palette. If you’re interested to know my thoughts on that palette, head over here where I have a full review on the palette!


Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Illuminating Powder in Nude 

This one is warmer apricot tone highlighter which gives a really sheer healthy radiance. A lit-from-within glow that doesn’t look metallic nor fake. As it’s really subtle you can use it all over as a finishing powder or build it up on the highest points as a sheer highlighter. You can spot some odd glitter particles in it, but they are barely visible on the skin. Again, as with the Incandescent Light, it’s impossible to overdo with it. I personally have started using it to set my under eye area. I know it’s bizarre, but it is very sheer and brightens the eye area beautifully! As a highlighter I use it on my no-makeup days when I want a really subtle glow on the cheeks.


the Balm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer

A stunning champagne gold highlighter, universally very flattering colour. Compare to the other two highlighters mentioned above, it’s  more for a dramatic look as it’s really pigmented. Only a touch of brush is required. The texture is really buttery and finely milled. Blends invisibly into the complexion leaving behind a golden glow. I love to use it as a brow bone highlighter, inner corner highlighter and cheek highlighter, but mostly for going out. Sometimes I add it on top of other highlighters just for a little pop. I must mention that with this highlighter it’s really easy to achieve that disco ball effect. So keep in mind – less is more!


The Body Shop Illuminating primer

This is the only cream product out of this edit and gives you the most natural radiance. Applies on very light and non greasy nor sticky. It just gives your face a descent ‘oomph’ when you apply this. It’s cool toned and you may detect a hint of glitter in it, but it’s very subtle. You do get the look of ‘radiance’ rather than a sprinkling of glitter. Being a cream product, the shine-level depends on how much you use and how much you blend it in. It can be used either underneath or on top of foundation, or used for spot application on the areas you want to accentuate – such as the tops of the cheek bones or the arches of the brow bones. It’s perfect for those hot summer days! Only sad thing is that I noticed that somehow it’s not available in every TheBodyShop webpage. Perhaps they have discontinued it and swapped it with the new Instaglow?


What are your favourite highlighters?

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