New in: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

I have dreamed of this palette for 2 years.  The price was the only thing holding me back, cuz it is not reasonable to buy nearly 10g of powders for 76€. Plus I can be very pale in the winter months so I couldn’t be sure if these shades suit me.


And this year Hourglass brought out Ambient Lighting Edit palette for 2015 holiday season, which made the decision making even more difficult. The Edit palette is gorgeous! And I know I need the Diffused Light powder to correct the redness. But again, the amount of product versus the price bailed me out.

I must admit, when I opened the palette I was shocked how small the powders where. And then I remembered how people complained that the Edit palette powders were even smaller. I kinda felt relived that I skipped the Edit palette and chose the Ambient Lighting palette instead.

So far I am satisfied with my purchase. I can make these shades work for me. I have those moments where I look at the mirror and say “JAAAAAZ!” with the voice of Jacklin Hill. Love that girl!


Shades from left to right: Dim Light, Incandescent Light, Radiant Light

Anyways I will report back my thoughts on this palette after I have played with it. Probably will do comparison photos for you to see the powders in full action.


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